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    A utility-recreational ATV, Polaris Sportsman 570 EPS comes with a new design, being more durable and more versatile than ever. Suitable for both useful tasks…


    The Sportsman 570 EPS is sold a lot. It is a cool powerful quad with a beautiful design. Thanks to the Powerful Prostar 570 engine, the Sportsman 570 EPS can be used all-round, from working on the farm to overcoming obstacles in the forest, the Sportsman 570 EPS does not shy away from anything! The variable power steering and the new ergonomic design ensure that the quad can be controlled by everyone. At low speed, power steering makes maneuvering easier and at high speed it gradually tightens for maximum control. To meet the requirements of the new regulations for L7E, a differential has been installed in the rear axle, making this quad extra manoeuvrable in short turns.

    The big advantage of the Polaris quad and buggies is that they are available with license plate.


    • Engine: Polaris Prostar motor with double camshaft and 44hp.
    • Electronic gasoline injection system and 4 valves per cylinder.
    • Integral four-wil drive that can be activated as desired.
    • Redesigned steel luggage rack on the back with Lock & Ride system.
    • Tank capacity of 17L
    • A storage space of 24.6l that is beautifully built in, so you can store all your material and accessories in wind and weather.
    • The design has become more ergonomic. This makes it easier to get out as well as the driving position, which provides more comfort and better control over the vehicle.
    • Independent rear suspension.
    • A 24.1 cm travel and a 28 cm ground clearance.
    • Variable power steering.


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