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    Rider Balanced Control

    • AXYS CHASSIS: The AXYS chassis design is the key to delivering rider balanced control through the right rider positioning and centralized vehicle mass. The rider’s hand position is moved 4.5″ forward, the feet position is 2″ forward, the knee position is 4.5″ forward, and the seat is 4.5″ forward. This means more bite for flatter cornering when in the neutral riding position and a lighter front end for climbing on top of the snow or the moguls when the rider shifts to the back of the sled.
    • PRO-CC REAR SUSPENSION: The PRO-CC Rear Suspension is the next generation rear suspension from Polaris and provides the industry’s best acceleration, handling, and consistently smooth ride. The rear ski’s coupled design controls pitch through geometry without reducing the fun factor. The front torque arm is calibrated for trail compliance without bottoming.
    • PREMIUM WER® Shocks: WER® Shocks are race-tested and race-proven and have improved clicker accessibility for easiest adjustability. The front suspension shocks are Piggyback Needle. The front track shock is a Piggyback shock with 2″ diameter for durability and an improved ride, and a performance-enhancing softer spring. The rear track shock is a Velocity Needle shock that features improved oil flow to reduce harshness at the top end of the clicker.

    Rider Centric Comfort

    • POWERTRAC® TR RUNNING BOARDS: The PowderTrac® TR Running Boards feature an optimized design for maximum snow clean out while minimizing snow kick-up and maintaining extreme strength. Includes integrated snow skirt.
    • POLARIS MESSAGECENTER GAUGE: Keeps a rider aware of sled operating conditions and other important information. Large buttons can be operated with gloved hands and the brightly lit display is easily readable in all light conditions.
    • LED LIGHTS: All AXYS models feature standard LED headlights for the industry’s best lighting that last the entire lifetime of the sled. Nearly 1 lb. lighter with high beams 80% brighter than incandescent lighting. Low beams remain on at all times for constant visibility and enhanced safety.
    • SNOW FLAP AND REAR BUMPER: The snow flap design enhances the cooling. The all-new rear bumper delivers improved durability with its integrated one-piece optimized design. Light yet strong, it also provides improved grip.
    • XT HYFAX: The patent-pending Hyfax with a new profile design is optimized for lighter weight while maintaining durability.

    Ultimate Trail Versatility

    • STORAGE: Storage comes standard on all INDY 137 models. The standard integrated under seat storage bag provides 1024 cubic inches of secure, weather-tight storage space.

    Unrivaled Acceleration

    • LIGHTWEIGHT: Polaris offers the lightest weight 137″ sleds on the market and with the all-new PRO-CC™ Rear Suspension and AXYS chassis, this family of sleds features industry-leading acceleration.
    • LIBERTY ENGINE CHOICES FOR EVERY RIDER: Built to integrate seamlessly with the lightweight and agile Polaris chassis, Liberty engines feature class-leading power-to-weight ratios and set a new benchmark for ultimate performance with our complete line-up of powerful options.


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