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We used the King of the Hammers loop at the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area in Coal Township, Pennsylvania, for a proper shakedown of Honda’s flagship ATV.Lance Schwartz



HONDA FOURTRAX FOREMAN is a compact and agile ATV ideal for lighter work duties and trail riding. It is available in different engine sizes, such as 250cc, and offers a user-friendly design with features like electric starting and a comfortable riding position.


Honda Fourtrax Foreman Rubicon 4×4 Automatic DCT EPS Deluxe Highlights:

  • One of the only ATVs available with Honda’s slick Dual Clutch Transmission
  • One of the most durable/reliable ATVs on the planet
  • Incredibly comfortable handling
  • Excellent suspension
  • One of the most natural-feeling EPS systems on the market

Engine And Transmission

Powering all Rubicons is Honda’s tried-and-true liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, longitudinally mounted, 475cc single cylinder. This engine is about as reliable as they come, providing years of trouble-free service with proper maintenance. Paired with our engine was Honda’s Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT). The transmission can either be shifted manually with a left-hand-mounted thumb shifter, or automatically with the selector switch clicked to Auto mode. It has five forward gears, as well as reverse. Additionally, the Rubicon has a subtransmission that allows either high or low range to be selected. The Rubicon also has an electronically selectable TraxLok locking front differential. SHOP HONDA FOURTRAX FOREMAN.


All Foreman Rubicon models have independent front and rear suspension. On the front, the independent double-wishbone delivers 7.28 inches of travel. Out back, the independent dual-arm suspension checks in at just under 8.5 inches of wheel travel. The shocks feature preload adjustments to help dial them your riding style or work task. Our Deluxe model also had Honda’s phenomenal Electric Power Steering (EPS) system on board.

Tires, Wheels, Brakes

The Deluxe Rubicon models get cool-looking 12-inch cast aluminum wheels. They’re fairly light and incredibly tough. Wrapping the aluminum wheels are 25-inch-diameter Maxxis MU25 tires. These tires were durable and provided excellent traction in all of the conditions we tested in. Twin hydraulic discs handle stopping duties at the front, while a single hydraulic disc provides rear braking. I will always be a fan of the left handle and right foot pedal braking the rear, while the right handle brakes the front wheels separately. I’m glad Honda has stuck with this approach, because it allows the machine to be ridden more effectively in rough terrain where tons of input from the rider is needed.



As I mentioned earlier, I spent months with the Rubicon outfitted with the Wild Hare Implement system. We worked it like crazy, so feel free to check that review out here.

As a stock machine used for adventure and trail riding, I absolutely love the Honda Fourtrax Foreman Rubicon 4×4 Automatic DCT EPS Deluxe. The thing is a beast, and it will work or play all day long with no complaints. With a curb/dry weight of 712 pounds, it is one of the lighter full-size ATVs on the market. This gives the Rubicon a nimble feeling that makes it easy to ride. The EPS is outstanding because it almost feels invisible. The whole point of EPS is for the system to react to the terrain that is trying to counteract the direction the rider points the bars. For this system to work effectively, the EPS system has to be calibrated correctly, but the most important part is that the chassis must have the correct geometry for it all to work together. Honda nailed steering geometry back in the 1980s with the legendary 250R, and that knowledge has trickled its way down into the Rubicon EPS system as well. BUY HONDA FOURTRAX FOREMAN ONLINE.


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